EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns
EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns

EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns

Reduce, Automate & Manage Returns with the Power of AI

What is EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns?

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AI-Powered Shopify Returns App is the first-ever Shopify returns app that reduces, automates, and manages returns for online brands using artificial intelligence.

It has been trusted by over 1000 global brands and offers a 26% reduction in returns, 70% savings on operational costs, and a 4x improved customer experience.

The app allows brands to go live in just a few minutes and offers a sustainable approach to doing business.

It provides AI-powered growth tools, multiple exchange options, a fully customizable return portal, automated workflow, and real-time updates for shoppers.

The app also offers high-end return analytics.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • How does the AI-Powered Shopify Returns App work?

    The app uses artificial intelligence to reduce, automate, and manage returns for online brands.

  • What benefits does the app offer?

    The app offers a reduction in returns, savings on operational costs, and an improved customer experience.

  • Can the app be customized?

    Yes, the app provides a fully customizable return portal.

  • Does the app provide real-time updates for shoppers?

    Yes, the app sends real-time return/exchange updates to shoppers via email or text.

  • What data does the app provide for return analytics?

    The app provides data such as return reasons by product type, revenue loss to returns, and average return rate.

  • What category does the AI-Powered Shopify Returns App belong to?

    The app belongs to the 'apps' category.

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EcoReturns - AI-powered Returns


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