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What is Floik?

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Floik is an interactive demos, videos, and guides platform that allows users to capture and showcase product flows.

Users can create interactive demos, videos, and step-by-step guides all in one place.

The platform offers features like trimming, cropping, blurring, and adding calls-to-action to the content.

It also provides real-time engagement metrics and allows for embedding outputs on any landing page.

Floik is trusted by innovative SaaS companies to drive product-qualified leads, accelerate user onboarding, increase customer satisfaction, and provide personalized updates.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is Floik?

    Floik is an interactive demos, videos, and guides platform.

  • What can users do with Floik?

    Users can capture and showcase product flows, create interactive demos, videos, and step-by-step guides.

  • What features does Floik offer?

    Floik offers features like trimming, cropping, blurring, and adding calls-to-action to the content.

  • How can Floik help SaaS companies?

    Floik helps SaaS companies drive product-qualified leads, accelerate user onboarding, increase customer satisfaction, and provide personalized updates.

  • Can Floik be integrated with other platforms?

    Yes, Floik can be integrated with platforms like Marketo, Slack, Notion, Freshdesk, Intercom, Zendesk, and Hubspot.

  • How can Floik be used for customer support?

    Floik can be used to create self-serve interactive guides and product walkthroughs to assist customers and increase customer satisfaction.

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Floik is rated 5 stars based on 38 reviews

Congrats on the launch @vartika_bansal1 , I have been an early user of Floik & can vouch to the teams design principles while building out the product, Kudos to the team ,looking forward to see how the product evolves

This to me is a great product with great potential. Let me start from onboarding: light-speed fast. UI design? Great, clean, intuitive. App scope? Much needed. Pricing outside of current promotion? Fair in my opinion, and scalable: the occasional user has 10 Flo's credits for free and that's more than enough for...the occasional user; minimal Floik branding shouldn't hurt either. The top two tiers are worth the offered benefits and offer good scalability. I have had the chance to experience customer support as well and I can tell you that I got answered immediately by a real person who offeren answers to my questions in real English and with competence: they even fixed a small bug I reported in minutes. Now, that's not particularly surprising as it is launch day, but a quick small research over founder and maker @vartika_bansal1 plus the fact that a good morning starts in the morning make me confident that this was not an exceptional occurrence. And after all, I can only base my review on my experience and because of that I give support a 5 stars. Floik offer you several templates to create your demos and guides: Interactive Demo, a Step by Step Guide, a Screen Only Video, a Screen + Camera Video and a Camera Only Video. Each of them comes with an explanatory videos and instructions and almost each process itself is really intuitive and well executed. Processing quality is really good, AI voice overs work well, and at job done you have 3 options to share/publish your creation: share its link hosted on Floik, embed a few linhes of HTML5 code on your blogs or pages, download your video and do whatever you want with it (this option will only be available to paid tiers customers once current promotion has ended - I have asked support about it). You might have notives that I used the word ALMOST above. Unfortunately I have encountered several flows with the Interactive Demo Template. Be them due to me not grasping the needed steps or to true poor design, I'd suggest the team to take action one way (improve guide about it) or the other (fix the flow). Here is what I have experienced with that particular template: - when I record my screen, I can only stop recording and when I do what was recorded starts getting processed immediately. This is great, except that once the video gets processed I have no option to edit and cut off multiple parts of the video; I was only offered with a trim option which only allowed me to cut the video by selecting one portion of it. This is a problem, because for a guide I might have to record a few unnecessary parts like logging out and logging back in with a different account on my site, and I don't want to show those unnecessary seconds and steps on my guide. The way I see it, you could either add a PAUSE button to the recording frame, beside the START/STOP button, or offering improved video editing capabilities once the video gets processed. - adding actions during editing also didn't work smoothly. The video timeline is hard to position where I want to add an action; I added actions here and there, but I wasn't able to position them where and when I wanted. - Some action bubble were impossible to use because they only seem to have their arrow left-positioned: this makes it so that if I want to add one pointing to a far right on the screen element of my website, I cannot. It would be nice to have flipping options at least, if not an entirely top, bottom, right, left customizable bubble. - When adding actions, their selectable labels are added to the bottom-right of the screen: right now over there stands the SUPPORT image and I didn't find a way to move it elsewhere, so it was impossible to delete some actions because the delete icons were beyond the support chat image. One bonus suggestion, to conclude and if I may: it would be really useful if you could add a browser resizing option before starting recording. One thing often overlooked when recording screen is your monitor size. I use a Chrome extension that allows me to resize my browser to my preferred size for screen recording (let's say full HH 1920x1080) because I often work on Ultra Wide and the resulting video is awful. If you offered that option in-app (maybe add to your extension?) that would be a life saver. Well, I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean. The issues with that template should probably affect my overall stars rating, but as a maker myself I cannot forget that this is a first launch and that PH is exactly a sort of test bench for new product, plus there is no 4 stars and half rating available; therefore I'm gonna give it a 5 star, being also super confident that the team is dedicated to do all that's necessary to imrpove a product which is already overall excellent. Just make a little background check over the maker and I'm sure you'll share my same confidence about it. Congratulations on a rock-solid launch of an app that I'm certainly going to use extensively, and if something above isn't clear or it is incorrect feel free to contact me or correct me.

Floik is a useful tool to quickly convert product flows into easy to digest videos and demos! Comes super in handy for a platform like ours (Narrato) which is constantly building new features, and needs demos, guides, etc. to promote. Keep at it, team! 🙌

I love the interactive demos part. Would definitely use it for my own product. Congratulations on the launch!

Very interesting and cool product - going to test it out now.

Taking tons of product screenshots and inserting them carefully into product docs is a nightmare. And updating the docs for a new feature or improvement is even harder. I went from creating docs and demos over multiple days to a few MINUTES with Floik! Recommend all product managers and customer success folks to check it out.

I'm impressed with how Floik can simplify the lives of customer support teams. It seems like a fantastic tool for creating professional-looking how-to videos quickly and easily!

Congratulations on the launch, team! For us, building a comprehensive and engaging knowledge base has always been a challenge. But I think Floik can significantly simplify this task. I can see how this could make our knowledge base much more engaging and user-friendly. I'm genuinely excited to try Floik for this purpose and see how it can transform our customer education efforts.

I've created a lot of SOPs in my current role. Just created one for my app (which will be launching soon) and it was SO EASY. love it.

Congratulations on the launch! Great Product so far. Can we utilize hardware acceleration on the machine to making the processing time of videos faster?