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What is Patterns?

Generated by AI
Atoma is a platform that allows users to automate analytics.

It offers a powerful set of building blocks for developing AI applications and provides infrastructure for deploying and scaling.

Users can create apps and webhooks, and utilize low-level primitives like Webhooks, Functions, Tables, Interfaces, and a Reactive Graph.

Atoma also offers pre-built apps like Text-to-SQL Slack Bot, Monitor and Alert on Hacker News Events, DIY Stable Diffusion Bot Starter, and GPT-3 Technical Support Bot.

It supports various actions on external systems and provides high-performance apps with effortless infrastructure.

Users can connect to fully managed data integrations and extract and load data into clean schemas.

Atoma is a comprehensive platform for AI development and automation.

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Patterns is rated 4.8 stars based on 5 reviews

Highly recommend it!

Can't believe this is free!

Google has not yet verified the app for integrations

It's a great UX product. I like it.