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What is ProdPad?

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ProdPad is a product management platform that helps businesses establish a better product culture.

It allows users to move faster, be smarter, and win more by providing clear roadmaps and strategies.

With ProdPad, businesses can capture and organize key ideas, understand customer feedback, and integrate with other tools.

The platform has been trusted by various companies and has received positive feedback from users.

Start using ProdPad today to transform the way you work.

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ProdPad is rated 4.9 stars based on 23 reviews

Love the integrations and having customer support tickets, stakeholder notes, and similar in one place.

Wow @simplybastow this is wonderful, and is going to help make PMs more productive. Can't wait to see where you folks take this next! Kudos to you and the ProdPad team!

Incredible. Knowin the space so well I know how the industry and PM's especially are going to benefit from this. Its such a grat advancement and frees up the planning process not to mention the amount of time saved! Great work to the ProdPad team.

using ProdPad is pleasant!!!!!

Congrats on the Launch. This idea of taking the tedium out of our daily tasks is a really interesting and can do wonders for optimizing our typical workflow. I am currently on this soap box about customer listening and love the sentiment and summary option for the Customer Feedback part of the workflow.

ProdPad is a must-have tool for product managers. With its intuitive interface, centralized feedback repository, and smart prioritization features, it simplifies the process of collecting and translating user feedback into actionable ideas. ProdPad promotes innovation, integrates seamlessly with popular product development tools, and encourages transparent feedback loops, fostering a customer-centric approach to product development. This all-encompassing solution empowers product managers to make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to enhanced product quality and customer satisfaction.

A real world tool that enables you to build real world products

As a Customer Success Manager, I love using ProdPad to collect, process and manage feedback from customers. It also makes it super easy to share our roadmap with customers so we can be really transparent about what problems we're trying to solve Now, Next and Later. It's very easy to use and I really value the transparency it enables. I can keep people in the loop about what's coming up, and what we're doing with their feedback, which is awesome.

Review of ProdPad Sandbox

Review of ProdPad Sandbox