ChatGPT for quick tasks, on your mac. 🤖

What is Quaffle?

Generated by AI
Simplify your todos with ChatGPT, a Mac app that helps you plan, discuss, and achieve your tasks.

Enhance your organization, focus, and productivity by adding todos to the list.

Conduct user research, gather feedback, and improve user interface designs.

Refine typography choices and conduct a competitive analysis.

Chat with your intelligent todo assistant to efficiently initiate your work.

Customize your actions with Quaffle, a tool that saves and accesses frequently used prompts.

Improve sentences with literary elegance, provide motivational coaching, and act as a UX/UI developer, composer, translator, recruiter, advertiser, philosopher, or commentariat.

Get assistance as a personal trainer or plagiarism checker.

Access your assistant without opening a website and enjoy a seamless experience.

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