Notion Web Designer Hub
Notion Web Designer Hub

Notion Web Designer Hub

All-in-one hub for managing your web design projects

What is Notion Web Designer Hub?

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Flux Academy is offering a $100 discount on the first course or bundle.

They also have a sale with up to $672 off on all courses and bundles.

They have introduced the Notion Web Designer Hub, an all-in-one hub for managing web design projects.

The hub provides templates, project dashboards, and project timelines.

It also offers steps, questions, and checklists for client calls, estimating project costs, and managing project components.

Flux Academy has a global community of over 8,500 designers.

Ran Segall, a freelance web designer, has been sharing his learnings on his YouTube channel, Flux, and is the founder of Flux Academy.

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Notion Web Designer Hub


Notion Web Designer Hub is rated 4.8 stars based on 50 reviews

Amazing Product For Freelancers!

it boost your workflow x10

Amazing to see these kind of projects. Thanks to Ran Segall

Must have notion template for any type of freelancer!

Huge time saver

connected in china

Best in organizing your life.


I love Notion