Block all ads and sponsorships in YouTube videos using AI.

What is GPT-AdBlocker?

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GPT-AdBlocker is a powerful extension that blocks all ads, including pre-roll ads, banners, popups, and in-video ads.

It also blocks trackers from Google Analytics and other tracking websites.

The extension is fast, works in the background, and eliminates the need for multiple ad-blocking extensions.

GPT-AdBlocker uses AI to smartly skip advertisements inside YouTube videos and is safe from future Chrome updates.

It is currently available only for Chrome.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Is GPT-AdBlocker always accurate?

    GPT-AdBlocker uses AI to detect advertisements in videos and is very accurate, but there might be some errors.

  • Can I disable the in-video adblocking?

    Yes, you can choose to enable or disable the in-video adblocking independently.

  • How do I use GPT-AdBlocker?

    Simply click the provided link and add the extension, or search for 'GPT-AdBlocker' in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Is GPT-AdBlocker available for other browsers?

    Not yet, but there are plans to deploy it to multiple other browsers.

  • What does GPT-AdBlocker block?

    GPT-AdBlocker blocks all ads, trackers, banners, and more.

  • Where can I get GPT-AdBlocker?

    You can get GPT-AdBlocker by clicking the provided link or searching for it in the Chrome Web Store.

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