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What is HARPA AI?

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HARPA AI is a Google Chrome extension that brings AI automation to your browser.

It can chat with websites, PDFs, and videos, write emails and articles, automate workflows, monitor prices and data, and more.

It is trusted by professionals and offers a range of features like summarizing emails, mimicking writing styles, and extracting key takeaways from videos.

HARPA can be used for various purposes such as marketing and SEO, copywriting, productivity, HR and recruiting, product development, and spreadsheets.

It ensures privacy and data security and is available for free.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is HARPA AI?

    HARPA AI is a Google Chrome extension that brings AI automation to your browser.

  • What can HARPA AI do?

    HARPA AI can chat with websites, write emails and articles, automate workflows, and monitor prices and data.

  • What are the use cases of HARPA AI?

    HARPA AI can be used for marketing and SEO, copywriting, productivity, HR and recruiting, product development, and spreadsheets.

  • Is HARPA AI free?

    Yes, HARPA AI is available for free.

  • How does HARPA AI ensure privacy and data security?

    HARPA AI runs locally and does not send your data away. It is trusted by professionals and ensures privacy and data security.

  • Where can I get more information about HARPA AI?

    You can visit the HARPA AI website or check out the user guides and videos.

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HARPA AI is rated 4.9 stars based on 10 reviews

I love Harpa AI. It does so many tasks with the correct information 99% of the time and I rarely have to change anything when it gives me articles, how to do's or how to set up a webpage even. I change things a little so it passes an ai detector but its amazing. If I could only use it with private gpt or gpt4 all I'd never need anything for what I do. Mainly anyway.

Hi @jdanilsson after trying out HRAPA for the last week or so, I conclude it a Swiss army knife of ChatGPT/ It is one of the best if not the best ChatGPT chrome extension in the market right now. I have made a video review and tutorial to chsow case some of the use cases here https://youtu.be/QibNoWod_g8 In addition, I recommend this plugin to my Facebook group members here https://www.facebook.com/groups/...

I think this tool can become "the" definitive AI tool for marketers of any kind. The potential is immense and with the connection with tools like Make (ex Integromat) this tool will become our personal swiss knife.

One of the most useful Chrome extensions out there. It's basically ChatGPT on steroids. It can work directly with the content of the active tab and provides you with with ready-to-use prompts (if you're a Midjourney addict, you should definitely try out the Midjourney prompt generator). Every conversation you have with Harpa ends up in your ChatGPT history, so you can always (well, at least when ChatGPT grants you access to your history) back them up and resume them later. And it's free!

Amazing but slow.

After using HARPA for several weeks, I've observed a noticeable enhancement in my productivity. The tool has assumed responsibility for all the tedious and recurring duties that used to consume my daily routine, allowing me to devote more time to essential projects. And you dont need any expertise to get started. /seo and /linkedin prompts 10/10!

A great extension that saves users time by automating interaction scenarios with СhatGPT and parsing data from web pages.

My only gripes are: How do I invest, and are you hiring? How this extension is still under the radar is beyond me. Its , hard to explain. Most google GTP combos are basically side by side responses, one by google, one by openAI. Certainly this CAN do that, and only be used for that, but youll use it for a shitload more. This thing CHANGES google, its probably better, a lot better, than Microsoft/bing. I honestly dont want to tell people about it, and take the head start (its not really complicated, theres just so much shit it can do) because this Gpt/Google combo is the best out there. And there is more in the works, and I assume theyll keep up with the versions of openAIs products. Keep going guys, sorry i forgot your name... keep going! And buckle up, eventually people are going to realize what weve got here! Ill generate an applic.... i mean ill write, an updated resume ;) most of all, thank you for this.

Amazing! I've been using your app since November 2022, great features!

It's a surprisingly smart and useful tool