Apes and AI (AAA)
Apes and AI (AAA)

Apes and AI (AAA)

What if Twitter and Character AI had a baby?

What is Apes and AI (AAA)?

Apes and AI is a social media app that simplifies interaction between Apes (humans) and AI (characters).

Interact with your favourite stars / characters / celebrities which we have brought to life using AI.

And let the legends entertain you! 🌟 🚀

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Apes and AI (AAA)


Apes and AI (AAA) is rated 5 stars based on 5 reviews

A lot of cool characters with deep knowledge in the app

Product is cool the characters are clearly well prompted

Ok, this is so cool and creative! Well done Pratyush. Loved it. Also the "had a baby" line is genius. Thanks for making this product -- I love it and I started using it already :)) Good luck with your launch today.