arGPT for Monocle
arGPT for Monocle

arGPT for Monocle

Converse with ChatGPT, hands-free

What is arGPT for Monocle?

Experience an AI assistant you can see, powered by generative AI.

arGPT is an iOS app for Brilliant Labs’ Monocle AR glasses.

With a simple voice command, access generative AI chat applications like ChatGPT or build your own generative AI apps on top of arGPT.

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arGPT for Monocle


arGPT for Monocle is rated 5 stars based on 9 reviews

I've been testing and using Monocle since it launched earlier this year. Excited to see arGPT -- makes ChatGPT more accessible for those of us on the go.

Monocle is a game-changer! I'm amazed by the creativity and possibilities arGPT offers. Kudos to the developers for pushing the boundaries of innovation and bringing us this exciting glimpse into the future!


love this so much, waiting for it to realistice

It's Great to use! Like it

fantastic stuff just wow


Me encanta

This is great