AI Song Maker

What is BeatBot?

BeatBot composes short songs based on your text prompt.

Using Splash sound loops to create the music, ChatGPT to write the lyrics, and our new AI rappers on vocals 🔥

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is the main feature of the product?

    The main feature of the product is...

  • How does the product work?

    The product works by...

  • What are the benefits of using the product?

    The benefits of using the product include...

  • Is the product compatible with other software?

    Yes, the product is compatible with...

  • Are there any limitations or restrictions when using the product?

    Yes, there are limitations or restrictions when using the product, such as...

  • Is there a free trial available for the product?

    Yes, there is a free trial available for the product.

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BeatBot is rated 4.7 stars based on 7 reviews

Great fun!

fun to use!

Im using beatbot! You should too.

This makes nice beats.

This is soo cool!!!

A very nice way to generate music, with lyrics.