Build customized chatGPT apps

What is BerriAI?

BerriAI is a platform and API to build chatGPT apps for your data.

With Berri, you can create chatGPT apps for each user’s knowledge base (pdf, notion etc), structured data or support questions.

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BerriAI is rated 4.9 stars based on 15 reviews

Blown away by BerriAI's ability to create customized ChatGPT models - I highly recommend giving it a try!

Amazing product. I'm currently using BerriAI to build several key features and the experience has been absolutely incredible. It's fast and easy to set up, intuitive and powerful. Also, the team is amazing. 💯

This is way too cool - would it be possible to use this for something like understanding new API documentation? A common case I have is wanting to quickly know how to do something in a new API that I'm reading without getting all the background knowledge. Could I feed the API docs to berri and ask it things about the specific API?