CleverTap is the complete platform that helps personalize and optimize all customer touch points, both inside and outside the app

What is CleverTap?

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CleverTap is an All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform that helps unlock limitless customer lifetime value.

They offer tailored demos, industry-specific use cases, and support for integration.

CleverTap has been recognized as a leader in multiple categories by G2.

They provide customer data and analytics, experimentation and optimization, personalization, and campaign orchestration.

Their platform supports various channels like push notifications, email automation, WhatsApp, in-app messaging, web messaging, SMS, and signed call.

CleverTap offers solutions for e-commerce, subscriptions, financial services, and gaming.

They have a wide range of customers and provide resources like case studies, benchmark reports, and guides.

CleverTap is committed to privacy and data security.

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