User assistance platform that makes your product easy to use

What is CommandBar?

Onboarding nudges, effective search, and relevant help content—all in one blazingly-fast widget.

Never lose a user again because they struggled to learn your product.

CommandBar widget is a user assistance platform that makes your product easier to use.

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CommandBar is rated 4.9 stars based on 28 reviews

Magical experiences for seasoned users, onboarding support for new ones; CommandBar will level up your product! Highly recommended.

Commandbar is absolutely fantastic. From empowering PMs to fit in a load of functionality, to driving convenience and intuitive next actions - I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Congrats on the launch @james_evans5 and CommandBar team!! Such an elegant solution showcasing AI's potential in the user retention, onboarding and customer success landscape! Well done! 👏

I have been looking for such a tool for so long. We use the CommandBar to onboard our agency. It helps us onboard clients or freelancers who work for us. It's a really good tool, well polished and you wouldn't believe what these guys have done in a short time. They constantly come up with updates and new features and I'm hoping they will add more native integrations which is very important to us. All the best guys :)

Saved me beaucoups of time.

CommandBar can be a useful tool for quickly accessing frequently used commands and functions within an application.