A search engine that finds you answers in scientific papers

What is Consensus?

Ever wonder what the research actually says? Just ask a question and Consensus will instantly read millions of research papers and deliver you answers.

From nutrition, to exercise, to economic policy, Consensus makes you an expert on the research in seconds.

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Consensus is rated 5 stars based on 26 reviews

Awesome search engine for science

This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing

Nice idea and great implementation

I like using consensus a lot but I'm looking forward to more features that help me to ask the right questions. I wish that my questions could be more open-ended or that if I ask and open-ended question, consensus would change it on its own to a yes or no style of question

I would suggest filtering by date , as some old abstracts are not relevant any more

Cited information is so damn important. This makes it easy!

I found this to be a superior tool compared to the likes of Google Scholar and other search engines. Really clean UI and I’m excited for the features they’ll add in the future.

A great tool that allows users to search for answers from scientific papers.

I appreciate the confidence Consensus' scientific-based answers provide me when researching topics new and old... especially in today's partisan & combative political/news climate.

Incredibly relevant results! Already in love with this product