Build Your Own ChatGPT

What is CustomGPT?

What if ChatGPT knew all your content? CustomGPT is a personalized AI-powered chatbot created with your data that understands all the details of your business.

Improve your customer support, lead generation, marketing automation, and other business processes.

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CustomGPT is rated 4 stars based on 17 reviews

Very straightforward process of turning my CustomGPT chatbot into a plugin for ChatGPT. No coding required, and took me less than a minute with a few clicks. Great product!

great the possibility to create our own wizard. it helps me a lot, thank you very much.

Not ready for public use. CustomGPT has promise but it is nowhere near ready. Buggy site and the underlying tech doesn't work yet. I was working with a large number of indexed sites, PDFs, Excel docs, and others. Ingestion seems fine but responses to prompts do not pull easy to find information in the documents, prompts must be very specific and even then only produce a response 10% of the time. The tool is also very slow at this time. I'm hopeful this gets going but I'd advise folks to wait until CustomGPT gets their tooling working properly. Also, lack of a free plan makes it difficult to try before you buy.

Hi, Nice product. But i dont see any free plan ? How we are going to test your platform ? Doesnt make sense to me why there isnt any free plan. Thanks

I've learned my custom bot with their website and he can't guide me through this app. Waiting for refund after quick enough response from CEO.


Demo doesn't work and no way to try it before paying. I'm out. Good idea, bad execution.

It a great software and I enjoy using it but I believe it can be more developed


Fascinating! had a great time building one for my project. Thanks to the team behind this one