The AI-first is here ✨

What is is a self-serve support tool powered by chatGPT to help you reduce customer support tickets.

AI automatically learns the knowledgebase articles to generate simple and instant customer answers.

You can improve the AI answers from user feedback!

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Reviews is rated 5 stars based on 7 reviews

Emergent design simplified to me more productive help center live agents fpr soltution to get things done with bettwe way to comunity user voice feed backs based improvements is an exceptional application that effortlessly empowers our company's help centers. I highly recommend it, as the support team is fantastic, the builders are exceptional, and overall, it offers a great experience. 10/10!

I really like the domain name you've chosen, It sounds great! I'm curious though, how are you able to provide a free plan for a ChatGPT based product?

We've been using for about two weeks now to give personalized support to users of our consumer app. We were getting a lot of repetitive questions over email; now most of them get answered by instantly!

Shyjal, Aslam and other makers of this product - congratulations on the launch!! 🎊 (can imagine your efforts in order to get this domain 😅) is really useful product for each business. Some questions - how many languages does support? And about your competitors - saw several solutions in the form of chats (on PH as well) that do the same in customer support sphere. How're these solutions differ from you?

Excellent service for a help Center

Very nice