HelpKit Knowledge Base
HelpKit Knowledge Base

HelpKit Knowledge Base

Build a professional help center or doc site with Notion

What is HelpKit Knowledge Base?

Write your help articles in Notion and HelpKit takes care of the rest.

HelpKit offers an embeddable widget, help center or documentation layout, full-text search, analytics and much more.

Deliver instant help to your customers without ever leaving Notion.

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HelpKit Knowledge Base


HelpKit Knowledge Base is rated 5 stars based on 19 reviews

Dominik is doing an amazing job with HelpKit. I love the visual design and Dominik is always there when we have a question. Would totally recommend.

I've been a helpkit customer for a few months now, and it's very rare to see such an amazing product layered with an amazing support team and founder. Wanted to give kudus to the team 🤙.