Murf AI
Murf AI

Murf AI

Create natural sounding voiceovers in minutes!

What is Murf AI?

Murf AI studio helps you convert text into natural sounding voiceovers in minutes.

With an easy-to-use UI paired with 120+ voices, Murf makes it effortless to create voiceovers for Explainer videos, Product Demos, eLearning videos, Audiobooks and Podcasts.

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Murf AI


Murf AI is rated 4.6 stars based on 65 reviews

I've tried many AI voiceover tools, but Murf AI is my favorite. It has nice, unique natural voices. Especially love the child voices. I just wish it was cheaper and had some free downloads to start with. This could help more people discover it.

I want know that do you use TTS in Murf AI? If yes then you guys must have put a lot of effort into it to make the audio sound nature.

Loved this voice over technology. I used many app like this but this is unque.

It's quick to learn and does exactly what I need it to, without bloating the experience. Everything can be better or have more, but Murf has the essentials in place. Well done team Murf :)

A great tool add voiceovers to presentations and videos. The tool has a very easy to use UI. It supports 20 languages and 130+ voices.

Loved the Af American Female voices


Great quality for the voiceover, very close to natural. Broad selection of voices to fit to a video. Intuitive web interface.