Manage FAQs, blogs, docs and + with a no-code AI editor

What is Notice?

Easily create FAQs, documentation, blogs, and more with your team or AI's help.

Save time with pre-filled templates, GPT-3 content generation, and translate your content into 100+ languages in one click.

Share it anywhere, including WordPress and Shopify.

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Notice is rated 4.9 stars based on 30 reviews

I really loved the UI! The use cases you provided on your website was really helpful and I am amazed by how easy to integrate Notice to other platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, and Shopify. I'll say it again, amazing design! Congratulations! 🤘🏻

I moved my knowledge base to Notice, which was a long-term mistake. It has fewer features and many issues. For instance, copying and pasting unformats content. Linking directs people to the homepage, not the specific part, making links almost useless. Their iframe embed tool causes huge spaces, making users scroll through white space. I wouldn't recommend Notice as updates are rare and bug fixes take months, even though it's a niche product.