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What is Searchie?

Searchie is a flexible, easy-to-use solution to create and share your content for courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and more.

Our AI-powered tools and automations support you every step of the way from content management to product delivery.

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Searchie is rated 4.9 stars based on 83 reviews

Great product

Will, Andrew, Stu, and your entire Searchie team, I am SO excited for you and this launch! Your team has, once again, demonstrated industry-leading awareness and willingness, along with your typical passion, to create a tool that is going to be incredibly useful to the growing desire our clients have to get to the information they need from us to do what they do, better and faster. I am happy for you, proud of you, and can't wait to see the rest of the content creating world discover this (and all) of your tools!

*Amazing* way to make your help resources more accessible and actionable without LONG video tutorials when the user only needs help from two or three 30-second segments.

Searchie is amazing at taking our content and making a very easy way to find what you are looking for in an audio or video session. There really is nothing else as seamless and easy to use. Now Searchie has upped the game with WisdomAI, a way for users to get specific answers based on your content, not the web's. This way we can ensure specific and accurate information relative to the material being presented.