2023 Planner with Integration + ChatGPT
2023 Planner with Integration + ChatGPT

2023 Planner with Integration + ChatGPT

Add events, reminders, timers & more directly from your PDF

What is 2023 Planner with Integration + ChatGPT?

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The 2023 Digital Planner with ChatGPT & Apple Calendar Integration is the ultimate digital planner that allows you to create events, set reminders, start timers, and open essential apps all from your PDF planner.

It offers integration with Apple Calendar and Reminders to receive notifications and stay on track.

The planner also includes ChatGPT API, your personal assistant built directly into the planner.

It is compatible with Apple devices and has been tested on various apps.

The planner is customizable and comes with lifetime updates.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What features does the 2023 Digital Planner offer?

    The 2023 Digital Planner offers features such as event creation, reminders, timers, and app integration.

  • Is the planner compatible with Apple devices?

    Yes, the planner is compatible with Apple devices.

  • Which apps have been tested with the planner?

    The planner has been tested on GoodNotes, Notability, OneNote, Noteful, CollaNote, and QuickNotes X.

  • Does the planner offer customization options?

    Yes, the planner is editable and allows you to customize every element.

  • Is the planner a one-time purchase?

    Yes, the planner offers lifetime updates.

  • What is the price of the planner?

    The price of the planner starts at £6.30.

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2023 Planner with Integration + ChatGPT


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