Transform Your Gmail Communication with ChatGPT AI.

What is GMPlus?

Generated by AI
GMPlus is an AI-driven email generator that transforms email communication by providing AI-generated responses and prompts.

It offers over 100 AI-generated prompts to expedite the email crafting process and allows for customization and organization of emails through toggle on/off features and custom template storage.

With comprehensive multilingual support, GMPlus breaks down language barriers for effective global communication.

It is a Chrome extension loved by many professionals and is designed to increase productivity and efficiency in email communication.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is GMPlus?

    GMPlus is an AI-powered email solution that offers an AI-driven email generator.

  • How does GMPlus work?

    GMPlus uses ChatGPT AI to generate email content and provide suggestions based on the context.

  • Who can use GMPlus?

    GMPlus is designed for anyone who uses Gmail for communication, especially professionals in sales, marketing, and HR.

  • What languages does GMPlus support?

    GMPlus supports all languages, providing assistance regardless of the language you're writing in.

  • How can I start using GMPlus?

    You can start using GMPlus by installing the Chrome extension and accessing it when writing an email in Gmail.

  • Can I turn off GMPlus when I don't need it?

    Yes, you can turn off GMPlus when you don't need its assistance.

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GMPlus is rated 4.8 stars based on 5 reviews

GMPlus is a game-changer! It's significantly reduced the time I spend on writing emails for my business. Highly recommended!

Congrats on the launch! The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Great job!


It's a great help when writing emails.

Hello, Product Hunters! 👊 I'm the Product Manager for GMPlus - AI Email Generator, and I'm thrilled to introduce our tool to the ProductHunt community. GMPlus, powered by ChatGPT, is designed to revolutionize your email writing process, making it more efficient and stress-free. With GMPlus, you can expect to leverage the following powerful features: 🎯 AI-Powered Responses: Our AI assistant delivers top-tier responses, rectifies any typos, and suggests more effective phrasing, outperforming all other tools in the market. 👀 Context-Smart Compositions: Whether you're responding to an email or crafting one from scratch, GMPlus excels at generating impressive emails from given contexts or subjects. 👑 AI-Generated Prompts: We offer over 100 AI-generated prompts tailored to various professions. Whether you're in sales, marketing, HR, or any other field, you'll find a prompt that suits your needs. 🕶 Custom Template Storage: GMPlus allows you to save and store your frequently used templates, enabling quick access and reuse, thereby enhancing your efficiency. We're eager to hear your thoughts on GMPlus. We value your feedback and take every word seriously. Last but not least: GMPlus is FREE! 🦅 Start with a free account today and explore all the features we have to offer!