All in one ChatGPT CLI. AI Commit, AI Command inside.

What is gptcli?

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All in one ChatGPT CLI is a versatile tool that combines various AI functionalities such as AI Commit, AI Command, AI Translate, and Weather AI.

It also includes plugins like gitmoji, CZ, Notion, and Whisper.

The AI Commit plugin automates the process of generating Git commit messages based on the content from the Git diff.

The AI Command plugin allows users to describe their desired command in natural language and outputs the corresponding plugin to fulfill the request.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of the AI Commit plugin?

    The AI Commit plugin generates Git commit messages automatically based on the Git diff.

  • How does the AI Command plugin work?

    The AI Command plugin converts natural language descriptions of commands into corresponding plugins.

  • What are some examples of plugins included in the ChatGPT CLI?

    Some examples of plugins are gitmoji, CZ, Notion, and Whisper.

  • What other AI functionalities are available in the ChatGPT CLI?

    Other AI functionalities include AI Translate and Weather AI.

  • How does the ChatGPT CLI save users time and effort?

    The ChatGPT CLI streamlines tasks like generating commit messages and executing commands.

  • Where can I find more plugins for the ChatGPT CLI?

    You can find more plugins at [](

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