This new web browser is going to kill Chrome

What is Arc?

Arc is a browser that promotes organization and concentration.

It is flexible and able to adapt to the most specific individual needs.

As they say on the homepage, "Arc is your breathing space on the web.

Are you ready to ditch the old internet?"

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Arc is rated 4.9 stars based on 259 reviews

Absolutely love Arc. It's not for everyone — but it's become my default browser... and that's saying A LOT!

Amazing. Please launch also for windows soon!

I believe that Arc is about to make the next generation of web browsing through organization and development. I'm glad to have Arc on my Mac and, now, iPhone. The only thing I am expecting is the iPad version of the browser itself! But, now that it is available in Apple’s App Store as iOS only, I hope their app will become broader for iPadOS and macOS through the store as well. And I wish them luck in making their browser run on Microsoft Windows. 😁🤞

Arc is the only alternative browser that I actually managed to stick with. I love the small details, the animations, the command palette, and how easy it is to navigate through tabs. I also enjoy how clutter-free it feels, even when I have a million tabs open. Since it's a relatively new product, there are more bugs than with other established browser, and a few more limitations in terms of add-ons. Still, I see the team constantly shipping updates, so that's good!

Been using it for months and not looking back! There were a few important things I had to give up for it due to Chromium, but it was worth it! To name them: Keychain access and airplay. The productivity and organisational aspect of it is killing all other browsers for me. Mini arc is super useful to preview links, many small details thought out, just happy using it as a designer myself, want to express my gratitude towards creators of the browser, to keep pushing for what we - humans need and don't charge anything for using it (yet?) but I'd gladly pay to continue using arc. Recent Boosts feature is a killer too and with it, the leap from other browser only got bigger. I just hope the core of the browsing - efficiency and speed will match best in class browsers soon!