Factiverse AI-Editor
Factiverse AI-Editor

Factiverse AI-Editor

Find factual mistakes in AI-generated content

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Factiverse AI-Editor


Factiverse AI-Editor is rated 4.9 stars based on 17 reviews

As a journalist and speaker, it's imperative I have my facts, stats, and claims fact checked, and quickly. I've been using Factiverse in beta, and the results have been impressive. I'm able to confirm story tips and assertions faster than ever.

Very smart thing to have in light of chatGPT and other tools alike trying to just make stuff up sometimes (I already have been on the receiving end of it). Would totally use it

Cutting edge tech and really needed with the use of ChatGPT

This is a time-saving and game changer, very well done guys. What an amazing project that has been launched.

A promising tool that has the potential to make the journalistic process more efficient and accurate by flagging potentially problematic sources and making it easy to draw on diverse sources of information!

Congratulations! Very smart idea. Use AI to find AI mistakes. Would be interesting to know how that works behind the scenes and how your AI engine works!

I'm impressed that this is just the initial launch product because it works great! Not only is it easy to use but it's an important product in this day and age. Huge thumbs up! 👍

Team has worked on it way before ChatGPT was there, and now it makes it even more relevant. Impressive tool!