How people build software

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work.

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GitHub is rated 4.8 stars based on 206 reviews

great repo management for my obsidian vault

Awesome repository for developers. Am making use of it 247. Thanks to GitHub


GitHub is an essential and invaluable platform for developers and teams alike. As a version control system, it has revolutionized how we collaborate on projects and manage code.

Despite the very user-unfriendly recent wave of UI changes, GitHub is essential to collaboration & staying productive while building my apps.

I am a bit biased as I worked at GitHub for 9 years. I have to say, though, GitHub is fabulous. I cannot even remember how I was working and collaborating on code before GitHub. If I had to pick on something I'd say there's still room for innovation. Especially around code reviews and discussing code.

Nice app

Well GitHub is a web-based platform that uses Git for version control and collaboration on software development project. It allows developers to host their code review, issues tracking, wikis and an extensive marketplace of integrations and extensions. It is widely used by developers and teams for both open source and private projects. Github's popularity is due to its user-friendly interface robust version control system, and its role as a central hub for collaboration and project management in the software development community.