Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome
Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome

Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome

Sidebar with your productivity apps in one click on any tab.

What is Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome?

Organize your browsing to get more done with a sidebar featuring Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Notes, Tasks, ChatGPT, and more apps.

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Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome


Manganum sidebar for Google Chrome is rated 4.9 stars based on 52 reviews

Absolutely love this. Worth the paid version.

Honestly the best tool I have at hand, this text was translated with the help of Bard and Translate using Manganum :) all instantly

One of the best Start pages for Chrome and Edge!

Even the free version works fine, and it's life-saving for anyone working with loads of tools & information on a daily basis. As that kind of person that always struggles switching between dozens of open tabs in a browser, I can see this Manganum extension make my life & workflow much more well-organised! Design is nice. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys

Awesome tool, I'm using it a few days and it really helpful!

It's such a useful productivity tool that you wonder why Google had not implemented it themselves

Review of Manganum

As a person obsessed with productivity, I can say that this is a must-have. Waiting for an integration with mind-mapping tools like X-Mind :)

Beautiful and useful

A very useful tool for everyday operations!

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