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Softorino 💻📲

Softorino 💻📲

We make tiny apps that make a GIGANTIC difference.

What is Softorino 💻📲?

Softorino develops apps for macOS & Windows.

The apps are simple, yet powerful.

Millions of users love Softorino software for its simplicity.

And we make it simple in everything we do.

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Softorino 💻📲


Softorino 💻📲 is rated 4.6 stars based on 182 reviews

So far I have tried Beamer 4 with my old Samsung TV and could not get it to work with my MacBook pro MacBook pro retina 13 inch late 2013 Running Big Sur. I tried to AirPlay to my Roku Express which supports AirPlay 2 It did not work. But I could Airplay my screen to the TV.Since then I have purchased a brand new Samsung Q70C which supports Airplay. I have tried Beamer 4 again, to no avail on my MacBook and my 2017 iMac.

I really enjoy the YouTube downloader and Daisy Disk. I've purchased from these guys multiple times with no issue, and their products update as needed to keep up with OS and other demands. I have spoken to customer service about a couple little things, and they are EXTREMELY fast to write back and fix the problem. Great company!

DO NOT buy anything from this company. I bought a lifetime licence for SYC 2, and now have been informed by the company that they are retiring SYC 2 for Mac, and to continue to use an updated version (of the same software I already purchased with a lifetime licence) I now have to pay again (and a LOT more). Very deceptive and underhanded practices...