Anyone can make great video in just a few clicks.

What is VEED?

Video editing made simple.

Create great videos with a single click.

Add subtitles, transcribe audio, browse AI tools, use templates, and much, much more.

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VEED is rated 4.7 stars based on 118 reviews

No matter how skilled you are, you can make a great video

Very easy to use!

Love using VEED. It's an easy to use editor with lots of cool AI features! Great for editing tiktoks and reels.

VEED has new and trending features that are helpful and intuitive. VEED continues to innovate and make video editing a really pleasant experience.

Easy to use editor with a lot of constantly evolving/helpful features!

Imagine all the business ideas you can think of. No longer need to go faceless, but use an AI speaker. Great product!

Great video editor, and easy to use! Surprisingly accurate subtitles too!

I tried out Veed upon a friend's recommendation, and I found it incredibly easy to use. What impressed me the most was the abundance of resources available on the platform. It has a wide range of templates, fonts, and music tracks that helped enhance my videos. Overall, Veed exceeded my expectations as a user-friendly video editing solution with plenty of resources to utilize.